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Always Free Samples and Grab and Go Breakfast at Our Sweet Dahlia Retail Outlet

First you should know… We always have free samples at our retail outlet, Suite 103 at 9720 Coppertop Loop NE on Bainbridge!

Second, if you want specific items off our wholesale menu please call (206) 201-3297 and order in advance.  Our menu varies and we don’t want you to come in and not find what you are looking for, so call or email us your order and we’ll confirm it via email so that you’ll know that it will be there waiting for you.

Third, people love sharing our bars and cookies so if you would like a half-dozen Texas Pecan Pie Bars for an important business meeting or a dozen scones or cookies to surprise the kids to let them know they’re special call us a couple of days before you need them, we’ll have it packaged, tagged and ready for you.

Forth, we have weekly specials, for example you can glide over hump day on Wednesdays with a yummy, healthy Frittata and a hot cup of coffee, or “Yay! you made it to Friday”, by celebrating with hot Biscuits and Gravy. Saturdays and Sundays come in to smell hot our amazing Sticky Buns or Cinnamon Rolls, it’s a given that you won’t leave empty handed.

Fifth, we have a daily assortment of special goodies.  Quantities may vary because we are aways testing new products while trying to keep your favorites on-hand, and continuing to have fun making all different kinds of baked goods everyday. Our assortments may include: Sweet & Wheatie & Meaty & Nutty & Fruity & Citrusy & Savory & “Don’t Need Wheat to Be Awesome”(TM) Wheat Free & Maybe even Spicy!  Scones & Wheat Free Scones – warm them up at home, or we will do it for you!  Spice Apple Fritters – Spicy & Applely “Yumm”  Focaccia Pockets – Bakery made focaccia dough made into our signature pocket, stuffed with yummy ingredients, pressed on the Panini Grill.

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Bacon-scrambled eggs, bacon & cheese
Breakfast Sausage- scrambled eggs, sausage & cheese
Southwestern- green chilies and Pico
Veggie & egg- a variety vegetarian selection

BARS – (2, 4 or 8 oz.)
Famous Texas Pecan Pie Bar
Carmelita Bar
Lemon Coconut Bar
Macadamia Butterscotch Bar
Orange Fig Bar
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

AMBROSIA MACAROONS – A coconut macaroon like you have never had before. It’s rich and moist with a hint of citrus. Melts in your mouth! By itself it is amazing or go ahead   and take it to the next level and get it covered in chocolate! Wheat free of course!

COOKIES – delicious bite sizes or jumbo cookie
Candied Ginger Cookie– Nostalgic, tastes like Grandma used to make ‘em, loaded with Candied Ginger and Molasses.
Peanut Butter Cookie“Don’t need Wheat to be awesome” Wheat Free, made with CB’s peanut Butter
Chocolate Love Cookie- You Love the Love.. Sweet Dahlia Toffee, White & Milk Chocolate
Kitchen Sink Cookie- Tart Fat Cherries, Dried Apricots, Coconut, Pecans, Chocolate chip, I’ll stand by that kitchen sink all day!
Chocolate Chip– Classic

COFFEE – Our Costa Rican Pour Over- with our signature Sweet Dahlia blend of dark rich beans and Coffee with our Secret Blend of Dark Rich Beans!

Want to share the LOVE? Call us at (206) 201-3297

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Wednesday-Saturday | 11 am to 7pm

The Sweetest Thing on Bainbridge Island

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9720 Coppertop Loop, Suite 103

Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110

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